A Good Read


"Brooks Conrad’s walk-off grand slam to overcome a three-run deficit was the 23rd in Major League history."

Starting Pitching Sellers - MLBTR


"The Athletics, Angels, Braves, and Padres could offer a few arms if things head south." Sounds like pure speculation to me, but just out of pure curiosity, what value could we get for Lowe or KK?

Pujols is apparently fed up with LaRussa's overmanaging...


The title is a little misleading. It doesn't sound like Pujols did any yelling.

Found my next audit subject!!


I just found out that Heyward's dad works on the base that I am an auditor at...YES!!

Roy Oswalt wants out of Houston...


Apparently Roy Oswalt has asked the Astros to trade him. Anybody else think Atlanta would be one of his top choices? Think Frank Wren is interested?

Hanson says he felt "dizzy"


Tommy Hanson says he felt dizzy in the worst start of his career.

An examination of McLouth's problems...


We really need him to bounce back sometime soon. He's capable of doing a lot of big things in the lineup with his speed and power. Plus we owe him a good chunk of money next year.