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The Road to Atlanta Podcast

Road To Atlanta Podcast: Rule 5 Draft and Minor League Reorganization

It’s been a slow year for minor league baseball, but this past week was a big one as the Braves selected three players in the Rule 5 draft and changed affiliates.

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Recapping the 2020 Braves Draft and being mad at Rob Manfred

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Breaking down the Braves’ 1st Round Pick, Jared Shuster

The Braves drafted a player on Wednesday evening. Later on on Wednesday evening, we recorded our thoughts about him.

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Braves MLB Draft Previewcast with Matt Powers

Previewing a new look MLB Draft.

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Breaking down the recent minor league cuts and changes

We have had actual Braves related minor league news over the last few days. Matt and I decided to talk about it.

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Top 30 Prospect List Postscript

Road To Atlanta Podcast: Mailbag Madness and Draft Talk

Our mailbag topics this week focused heavily on the Braves draft strategy, as well as pitching prospects and how we could see them develop over the near future.

Road To Atlanta Podcast: Braves Minor League Free Agents, MiLB Contraction, and Rule 5 Draft shenanigans

Eric, Matt, and Garrett discuss all the goings on in minor league baseball, focusing on the Rule 5 draft, minor league free agents, and the big proposal made by major league baseball.

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Wrapping up the 2019 Braves minor league season

Matt and Eric talk about the end of the minor league season and take some more listener questions.

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Talking Arizona Fall League rosters and listener mailbag questions

The fellas talk about the recently released AFL rosters, talk about their recent visits to Rome, and take listener mailbag questions

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Talking Bryce Ball and more listener mailbag questions

We talk about some of the recent promotions to Rome, Matt talks about his recent look at Gwinnett, and we answer a bunch of listener mailbag questions

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Braves trade deadline post mortem and listener mailbag

We talk Braves trade deadline fallout, projecting promotions, and take listener questions

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Talking Bryce Ball, Alex Jackson, and answering mailbag questions

This week’s episode talks a bit about some guys who are breaking out plus we answer more listener questions

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Recapping the Talking Chop Prospect Rankings

Where o’ where is Luiz Gohara?!

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Previewing the Futures Game and the Talking Chop Top 30 prospects list

Braves minor league baseball things happened, we talked about them, and then we got cranking on the upcoming Top 30 prospects list.

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Early looks at the Braves’ 2019 Draft Class and discussing our failures

The R2A crew discusses the early returns on the 2019 draft class as well as some of our bigger failures in prospect evaluation.

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Listener mailbag with lots of Braves rookie/short season ball talk

The latest episode consisted of lots of listener questions, especially about the upcoming rookie ball season.

Road to Atlanta Podcast: 2019 Braves Organizational All-Stars with Matt, Gaurav, and Eric

The fellas sit down to breakdown the top performers of the first half of the 2019 MiLB season for the Atlanta Braves farmhands

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Complete 2019 Braves Draft Review

The fellas get together to share their thoughts on the 2019 MLB Draft from the Braves perspective.

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Highlighting Braves MiLB top performers and last minute MLB draft thoughts

This week’s episode is about us getting our final thoughts down as to what lies ahead for the Braves in the 2019 MLB Draft.

Road to Atlanta Podcast: 2019 MLB Draft Preview with Baseball America’s Carlos Collazo

Carlos Collazo of Baseball America returns to his old stomping grounds to talk all this 2019 MLB Draft with us.

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Podcast mailbag with the Talking Chop crew

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Talking Braves Prospects and the 2019 Draft with Jim Callis

This week the boys are joined by Jim Callis where we talk prospects, the draft, and more.

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Talking about the international free agent market with Baseball America’s Ben Badler

The fellas do a quick recap of the goings on in the minor leagues and then are joined by Baseball America’s Ben Badler.

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Discussing Braves MiLB top performers and more mailbag questions

The boys talk about the top Braves farmhands from the last week, answer some more listener questions, and make some predictions from the past about the present.

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Ozzie Albies’ extension, Braves MiLB top performers, and mailbag time

This week’s episode delves a little bit into the Ozzie Albies extension, rants about

Road to Atlanta Podcast: Episode 2 - Minor League Opening Day and our first look at the 2019 MLB Draft class

The guys sit down to look at what the MiLB rosters for the Braves look like, talk a bit about the opening of the minor league season, and take their first crack at names they like for the Braves with the 9th overall pick.

Road to Atlanta - Episode 1 (kinda): Previewing the 2019 Braves MiLB Rosters....also, WE’RE BACK!

The Road to Atlanta podcast makes its return as the fellas talk about 2019 minor league rosters.


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